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THE RUMPLED - Time to Go

As you know, with our new Album “The Perfect Match”, we’re releasing this brand new single titledTime to Go”!

The song is an hymn to the desire to start again and get back to life after this long (and forced) period of stop.

It’s an amazing celebration of this return to life, and we wanted to share this new energy and enthusiasm and our will watch and step into the future, throwing the difficult situation of last year behind us.

After this break, our desire to restart, to get back on stage and perform for a crowd is literally un-containable, it’s almost reckless and a bit mad but still full of positive energy, that’s the reason why the song chorus goes like this :“Hey ho, it’s time to go, we’re gonna raise hell tonight – So let’s go to another show and everything’s gonna be alright”!”

We hope you’re going to enjoy (and sing it) it as much as we do!

Catch you soon and #StayRumpled


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