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THE RUMPLED - Time to Go

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We’re an Irish Folk-Rock band hailing from Trento, a small town nested in the North-East Alpine region of Italy.

We’re known for our fast paced, fresh yet authentic version of Celtic Punk, a unique combination of Irish Folk, Rock, Ska and Punk.

The melodies we play are directly inspired by Irish Folk Music but we really like to “spice” them the Rumpled way, using traditional instruments like accordion and violin (played by Tommy and Patty) and adding some rock-hard guitar riffs (delivered by Davide) with the ever-thumping rhythmic section (Michele on Drums and Luca on bass), topped by the drizzled vocals of our Gentle Giant front-man (Marco).

In 2018 we released our first Album “Ashes & Wishes” before embarking for a restless Tour in Europe.

After coming back, in 2019, we released the EP “Grace O’Malley”
, a work inspired by the self-titled legendary Irish Leader and Buccaneer.

The Record has been welcomed very positively by both the audience and the press, raking up more than 1 million plays on Spotify only! MAD!

After more than 40 live shows around Europe, with the band touching festival stages like the one at Roi Arthur of Bréal-sous-Montfort in France, which saw more than 43,000 people attending the show, we delivered another EP, titled “TOSS THE COIN“. We had  a Tour scheduled for 2020 but the pandemic came, so everything was halted.

As many other fellow musicians we’ve been forced to postpone gigs and plans but we decided to move forward, releasing a special EP titled “Home Session”, comprehending several world hits, reworked the The Rumpled way, featuring some special guest from the Celtic Punk Scene of the like of Firkin and Uncle Bard and the Dirty Bastards.

As the World emerges from this prolonged period of (forced) halt, we wanted to share our happiness and excitement for this return to life.

What we learned is that life is sometimes very challenging yet still rewarding and filled with joy, a feeling that always starts from the human connection and the sharing of our feelings, emotions and sensations.

We’re so stoked we’ll soon be able to see you again, and play our music for you, re-connect and laugh and dance and drink together!

You are for us THE PERFECT MATCH!